Visiting the clinic

Once you have made an appointment you will arrive at the clinic and be asked to fill in a simple form giving your details for our records.

The consultations consists of:
  • taking detailed case history, including general medical health, specific symptoms and other details;
  • asking the patient to make a series of movements and assessing their general posture, checking for restrictions or tensions in joints or muscles;
  • using established clinical tests to reveal, where possible, the presence of nerve impingement, ligament instability, joint injury or other muscle/skeletal dysfunction,
  • undertaking physical examinations of patients by using a touch system (palpation) to identify any weak or strained areas of the body;
  • planning and providing treatment by working with the hands, using soft tissue techniques, gentle release techniques and other appropriate methods of treatment;
  • working with acupuncture or other treatment equipment,
  • making lifestyle and dietary recommendations to patients, as required, on areas such as posture, eating, exercise and relaxation;
  • referring to other specialists, if required;
  • maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient records;
  • referring for scanning techniques such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), ultrasound and X-rays